CMS awards logical follow-on for Deliverable and Data Submission Tool and Quality Improvement Organizations legacy databases/applications

The purpose of this action is to ensure the sustainment of development, maintenance, and business requirement services to support the DDST and the QIO legacy databases/applications beyond the current contract’s expiration date of March 26, 2019. This includes supporting the transition of these tools from the 11th to 12th scope of work.

Under the 11th scope of work, the DDST and QIO legacy database/applications support tasks of ensuring common deliverable submission, deliverable administration and quality improvement initiatives data entry for stakeholders. The DDST and associated QIO legacy databases/applications will be replaced prior to the 12th scope of work transition of August 1, 2019. As the DDST and QIO legacy database/applications releases will leverage alignment to the 12th scope of work, the capabilities and support provided by the incumbent contractor are required to support continuity of operations and allow time to set up processes, business rules, configure the tool, databases and applications to adhere to stakeholder requirements.

The current incumbent, Semanticbits, is the sole entity who can provide the continuity of critical support services to ensure the transition from the 11th scope to 12th scope of work for the DDST and QIO legacy database/applications functionalities. Semanticbits has the business expertise and contractor staff to operate and sustain performance and capabilities.

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