CMS to award follow on contract for Implementation of Organizational Effectiveness Opportunities

The purpose of this logical follow-on task order is to provide the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) with services in support of high priority recommendations under the Modernizing and Investing in CMS Strategic Initiative. The original GSA task order (GS-10F-0253V; 75FCMC18F0097) was competed among vendors on the GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) Category 874-1 Integrated Consulting Schedules and awarded to The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. (BCG) on September 27, 2018.

During the original task order, the Organizational Effectiveness (OE) Program and a strategic approach grounded in CMS’s core functions and responsibilities was established. Rapid, extensive and complex diagnostics and assessments were performed over the Base Period which focused on the development of multi-year roadmaps with menus of potential improvement opportunities or projects.

Although implementation support was included in the original order as option years, CMS has chosen to accelerate improvement activities which requires a higher level of effort than was originally envisioned. Therefore, CMS is treating the implementation services as a logical follow-on to the original task order. Because of their work on the original task order, the incumbent contractor is best positioned to provide implementation support for the improvement activities.

As a result of the analysis conducted during the original task order, the logical follow-on provides the implementation and change management support required to continue the work initiated in the previous task order.

CMS is working on a longer term acquisition strategy in parallel with this task order that is aimed at fostering increased competition for future improvement opportunities that may emerge under the Organizational Effectiveness initiative.

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