From the practice of medicine to the analysis of data to the science and research aimed at supporting it, Healthcare is inherently data-driven. That is not always true of the technology that supports Healthcare.

Enterprise Healthcare systems have been driving towards service-oriented architecture, shedding light on the production of applications, their performance, and the maintenance of an operational, high-reliability enterprise. The shift in focus has also influenced the explosion of personal devices, in-home care, clinical decision support, and AI, where the true value of data is not the data itself, but the event describing the data change.

Join us as we discuss the nature of EVENT-DRIVEN Health, and why the next evolution of data and application architecture must also be event-driven.

Date and Time
Thu, May 16, 2019
7:30 AM – 10:30 AM EDT

Tower Club – Tysons Corner
8000 Towers Crescent Drive
#Suite 1700
Vienna, VA

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Key Topics will include:

  • Event Sourcing – Storing the change of data instead of the data
  • Stream Processing – Capture the series of events as a timeline
  • Domain Driven Design – Granting services context
Executive Keynote Panelists Include:
  • Johnathan Nebeker, Deputy Chief Medical Information Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs (Confirmed)
  • Jesus Caban, Chief Clinical and Research Informatics, NiCOE, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (Awaiting Confirmation)
  • Colonel Thomas Cantilina, Chief Health Informatics Officer, Military Health System (Awaiting Confirmation)
  • Aaron Drew, Chief Engineer and Chief Architect, Enterprise Supply Chain Modernization Program (Awaiting Confirmation)
  • Daniel McCune, Executive Director, Application Management, Department of Veterans Affairs (Awaiting Confirmation)
  • Drew Myklegard, Executive Director, PSF and API Management, Department of Veterans Affairs (Awaiting Confirmation)
  • Chris Nicols, Program Manager, Enterprise Intelligence and Data Solutions PMO, Defense Health Agency (Awaiting Confirmation)
  • Trey Oats, Information Dominance and Innovations, Solutions Delivery Division, Defense Health Agency (Awaiting Confirmation)
  • Hasan Shanawani, Deputy Chief Health Informatics Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs (Awaiting Confirmation)

We would like to thank our Moderator, Mr. Joe Grace, Jr., Grace and Associates.


7:30-8:15 am Registration. Continental Breakfast & Networking
Welcome and Introductions
Keynote Panel Discussion
Closing Remarks

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