Federal News Network: Rollout may not be perfect, but VA insists it’s ready for the MISSION Act

“Initial implementation of the VA MISSION Act may not be perfect, but the Department of Veterans Affairs insists it’s ready to roll out a new, consolidated community care program by the congressionally-mandated June 6 deadline…”

“The automated systems VA uses to run its community care program require 11 different software applications, Stone said. The department is still developing and finishing the 11th system, the decision support tool, which has earned some controversy in recent weeks…”

“Yet VA didn’t suggest it needed more time to prepare the decision support tool or train its employees on the new system or access criteria.”

“We definitely appreciated USDS’ input with regard to the support tool,” said Kameron Matthews, deputy undersecretary for health for community care at the Veterans Health Administration. “We are still moving forward with [the Office of Information and Technology’s] development of the tool. We’ve had multiple demos… We actually have already started training on an online and virtual basis of providers in the field as well as program officer leaders. We do have full intent to have [the tool] deployed by June 6…” Read the full article here.

Source: Rollout may not be perfect, but VA insists it’s ready for the MISSION Act – By Nicole Ogrysko, April 11, 2019. Federal News Network.



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