One of VA’s My HealtheVet Champions Signs Off After 31 Years of Service

“Times sure have changed since Dr. David Douglas began his new career as the chief resident in psychiatry at the VA Portland Health Care System.”

“In the years since then, the Oval Office has transitioned five times, gas stations easily collect $40 on a single transaction, and we have computers that can fit into the palm our hand.”

“But through it all, one constant has been innovation.”

“Another constant has been Dr. Douglas, VA’s My HealtheVet champion and co-chair of the My HealtheVet Clinical Advisory Board, who’s retiring this spring after working at VA for 31 years…” Read the full post here.

Source: VA’s My HealtheVet Champion Signs Off After 31 Years of Service – By Aaron Kirk Douglas, April 11, 2019. LinkedIn.

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