VA among those adopting ServiceNow-first philosophy

“… Let me give you an example. The Veterans Affairs US agency has adopting a ServiceNow-first philosophy, both for their employees and for their customers who are veterans. So for instance, they’ve got a global service desk for over 550,000 Veterans Affairs employees, powered by ServiceNow, and they’re using ServiceNow to allow their customers, that is the veterans, to help schedule some of their procedures in their respective hospitals.”

“So because our assets are in the Veterans Affairs CMDB, if a veteran has to schedule an MRI, ServiceNow’s platform can help figure out which hospitals have which openings, with which equipment and actually schedule their appointment. So I find it very energizing to spend time with… federal agencies because they are some of the creative and innovative users of our platform…” Read the full article here.

Source: ServiceNow CEO – ‘We are seeing an aggressive appetite in government for cloud’ – By Derek du Preez, April 26, 2019. diginomica.



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