VA issues sources sought for Health IT Safety Assessment

The purpose of this contract is to obtain patient safety support for the VHA, OHI, IPS office. This support will enable the continued provisioning of patient safety services by IPS to other VHA program offices as well as support for IPS-initiated analyses. While occasional organizational changes may occur, the scope of this contract is intended to include the projects and programs listed below as well as new ones that may emerge:

VA Legacy Systems: Consists of support for program offices that maintain and enhance VHA’s legacy HIT systems, specifically VistA and the Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS).

Clinical Informatics and Data Management Office (CIDMO): Comprised of entities such as Interoperability, Bar Code Resource Office (BCRO), Human Factors Engineering (HFE), Chief Nursing Informatics Office (CNIO) that periodically request services from IPS.

Other VA Program Offices: IPS conducts Causal Analysis and Healthcare Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (HFMEAs) for various programs, and participates in creation of Alerts/Advisories with National Center for Patient Safety (NCPS)

VA Field Offices: Field offices develop and deploy solutions for local or VISN-wide use and occasionally request IPS consultation and/or review…

The Contractor shall provide technical support in the assessment of HIT safety products. The Contractor shall provide user interaction/experience design related to patient safety. The Contractor shall take into account systems design/architecture, human/technical failures, human factors engineering, safety culture, and error reporting and analysis in the consideration of three goals: analysis for safer Health IT, use Health IT safely, and use Health IT to improve safer care. In addition, the Contractor shall apply reporting mechanisms for post-deployment monitoring of HIT safety.

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