VA RFI: Hyper Converged Infrastructure Solution for VISN 23

VISN 23 is requiring a Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solution to be delivered within 12 months of contract award along with training (offsite) of 18 visn 23 employees for both topics of hardware and hyperconverged software administration/management.

This solution will allow the creation of virtual machines (VM’s) with the VMs and the VM’s data running local to the server it is hosted on (data locality) for maximum performance and have a minimum redundancy factor of 2 in order to have minimal failure operations. The solution also shall have a S3 REST compatible API object storage solution that is native to the hyper converged operating system (OS) and support native erasure coding, compression, and deduplication. The solution shall also be completely software defined and not depend on any one vendor’s hardware.

The awarded contractor will oversee the project management and all professional services needed to ensure all hardware, software, configuration details, documentation, networking, training, and validation of all components into a final working solution to the acceptance of VISN 23 biomedical staff.

The Contractor shall deliver and provide on-site standard installation services for all systems under this procurement. The Contractor shall provide Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) certified personnel to perform installation and configuration services. At all times contractor installation personnel will be monitored by local VA facility staff. Local VA staff will provide access to the installation locations…

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