Cloud Pathfinder Consulting (CPC) and Liberty IT partner to Help Government Agencies Deploy Salesforce Software

“Cloud Pathfinder Consulting (CPC), a national consulting firm enabling clients to fully harness the capabilities of Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) software tools, announced today that it is partnering with Liberty IT Solutions (Liberty), a service-disabled veteran owned IT firm, to jointly pursue the growing number of IT contracts with U.S. government agencies that require implementation of Salesforce software…”

“The partnership is already off to a good start, with Liberty currently working with several U.S. government agencies on modernization strategies that involve Salesforce. Liberty will subcontract CPC to handle the design, configuration, implementation, migration, testing, deployment and training of Salesforce systems for these and future contracts…”

Read the full announcement here.

Source: Veteran-Owned IT Consultancies Join Forces to Help Government Agencies Deploy Salesforce Software – By Jesse Grothaus, May 15, 2019. Cloud Path Finder Consulting.

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