IT systems integrator and two industry contracts to support VA in meeting new Forever GI bill implementation deadline

“After widespread criticism from members of Congress and the agency’s inspector general, the Department of Veterans Affairs said it’s better positioned now to meet its new, self-imposed deadline to implement the remaining pieces of the Forever GI bill…”

“The initial deadline to begin processing education and housing benefits under the Forever GI bill was initially back in August.”

“Now with a new deadline of Dec. 1, VA said this time will be different.”

“First, VA has named Paul Lawrence, the undersecretary for benefits, to lead all decision-making and keep track of all activities associated with the implementation project. The department stood up a program integration office to ensure everyone associated with Forever GI bill implementation was on the same page.”

“But VA said the decision to hire two new contractors is also making the difference. It signed a one-year, $5.2 million contract with MITRE to support and implement a program integration strategy.

In addition, VA in February awarded a $14 million, firm, fixed-price contract to Accenture to…” Read the full article here.

Source: VA hires IT systems integrator to meet new Forever GI bill implementation deadline – By Nicole Ogrysko, May 15, 2019. Federal News Network.



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