Navy: MHS GENESIS a Force Multiplier, One Read at a Time

“Naval Hospital Bremerton (NHB) and the Air Force 92nd Medical Group are geographically distinct and culturally different, except when using MHS GENESIS to support mission readiness.”

“As well as share – and deliver – timely patient-centered care.”

“NHB was the first site with the Department of Defense new electronic health record in 2018 to provide results of radiology studies completed at one military treatment facility for another.”

“The 92nd Medical Group at Fairchild Air Force Base sent two radiology studies to NHB using MHS GENESIS, which were read by providers in our radiology department and finalized in about 30 minutes,” said Cmdr. Afshin Afarin, Clinical Support Services director…”

“’This really is huge. Convenience, timely, and expert interpretation are the most significant impacts of MHS GENESIS as a unifying electronic health record and an integrating force multiplier. MHS GENESIS has laid the foundation of real time, collaborative provider to provider consultation on radiology studies, no matter which military department or sector of the world as long as there is internet connectivity. We’re saving money, offering superior radiology reports for ordering providers, and delivering better patient care,’ Afarin said.” Read the full press release here.

Source: MHS GENESIS a Force Multiplier, One Read at a Time – By Douglas H. Stutz, May 18, 2019. U.S. Navy.

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