NIH solicitation: Media and Social Media Services

The purpose of this order is to obtain the services from a professional media intelligence organization that support the full breadth of media services described in the scope of work, with highly professional, experienced, and service-oriented personnel.

Services will be provided for 9 user accounts with the Office of Communications and will include the following: A 100% web-based solution that requires no IT support to implement or maintain.

Partnership with U.S. Lexis-Nexis to allow for comprehensive media monitoring and analysis of ~10,000 North American print sources of newspapers, magazines, trade/business journals and newsletters, and thousands of North American news websites

Ability to track and attribute earned media using text and image-based media tracking, allowing NIH the ability to understand and track where our brand image was shared, who it was shared by, and where the image received the most engagement.

Artificial intelligence and analytics to help NIH understand the effect our communications programs have on reputation, website traffic and business outcomes.

Social media analysis tool that allows for insight into NIH’s social media program through publishing, engagement, listening, advertising and measurement.

People-curated media news monitoring and clips services with in-house review by expert analysts with a customized display of NIH news coverage…

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