Press Release: NewWave Awarded HHS IDIQ Contract to Deliver Intelligent Automation/Artificial Intelligence Solutions Across the Federal Government

NewWave was awarded the five-year, $49 million contract vehicle to provide a range of automation and AI technologies and support services

Elkridge, Maryland, May XX, 2019: NewWave Telecom & Technologies, Inc. (NewWave), a leading digital services provider for the Federal Government, announced today that it has been awarded a multiyear government-wide acquisition contract (GWAC) from the Program Support Center of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to provide a host of automation and AI technologies and support services, including natural language processing, machine, deep and supervised learning and machine vision.

“NewWave has been building our capability and our relationships with the academic community and our vendor partners for the coming genuinely disruptive wave of artificial intelligence solutions,” said Patrick Munis, CEO of NewWave. “We look forward to partnering with and supporting the federal government as it acquires and deploys these game changing technologies.”

“PSC believes that IAAI solutions will be doing everything from reducing backlog and cutting costs to performing functions, such as predicting fraudulent transactions and identifying critical suspects via facial recognition, which are considered difficult for an individual to complete on their own,” HHS contracting officers wrote in the RFP.

The IAAI IDIQ supports the current administration’s policy of shifting federal employees from low-value to high-value work by automating rote processes that can be digitized. The Office of Personnel Management expects automation could cut the workloads of 60 percent of federal employees by up to 30 percent and make 5 percent of jobs redundant entirely.

“This contract is the next logical step to integrating IAAI technologies into all phases of government operations,” HHS officials wrote. “Providing federal agencies opportunities to share critical insights and information regarding technologies and suppliers, learn from an abundance of small-scale tests and implementations, and find solutions that ‘create a lean, accountable and more efficient government that works for the American people.’”

“AI is the next step for NewWave and a next step for both government and American business,” Munis said. “The question is not ‘if’ but ‘when’ for automation and the use of AI. The federal government is smart to get out in front. NewWave looks forward to that journey.”



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