VA RFI: Brand Name or Equal Palantir Business Intelligence Tool

The Department of Veterans Affairs has a requirement for Palantir Gotham or an equivalent cloud-based Software as a Service license for business intelligence software for a VA Data Integration and Analytics Platform.

VA is seeking services and support to provide an out-of-the-box enterprise data integration and data analytics platform. The vendor shall provide software licenses, cloud hosting (if appropriate), and professional services (as necessary) to implement this single integrated platform and train users. The solution for the single data integration and analytics platform shall meet the following technical requirements:

A proven commercial software solution deployable on day one that can be configured within 15 business days after installation for use by VA analysts.

Intuitive and highly configurable user interfaces that can be effectively utilized by a wide variety of users: data scientists, analysts, executives, customer service representatives, logistics specialists, contract specialists, etc.

Enables analysts to perform advanced analytics in a user’s preferred coding language (e.g., Java, Python, R, SQL), as well as in non-code-based point-n-click tools, all within the same platform.

Provides user aids to guide and ease system use and manipulate findings into manageable formats…

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