VA RFI: COTS based Case Management Solution Service

The purpose of this project is to acquire a comprehensive VR&E specific configurable COTS, Software as a Solution (Saas) Service that will allow Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment to manage cases and deploy the capability to production as a service hosted within the FedRAMP-certified cloud environment.

VBA believes that there is an opportunity for identifying a Commercially Available Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution that will preserve government oversight and accountability of the process while empowering VR&E counselors to focus on our Veterans receiving the services that they are entitled to in the most efficient manner possible.

Our strategic goal is to eliminate the administrative burden of ingestion, establishment, and processing of veteran eligibility through establishment of automated capabilities so that VR&E personnel can focus on managing veteran outcomes.

VBA is seeking a solution that meets the performance-based needs of the VBA and effectively meets the critical processing needs to accomplish business objectives within the VBA’s VR&E service line.

This solution should provide improved business process automations while streamlining administrative and financial reporting capabilities. The solution should also alleviate multiple administrative functions assigned to the VRCs, which would allow them more time to engage with their clients. The solution should have the ability to create a participant record utilizing existing VA systems. Record creation should provide a 360-degree view of the participant, which can be leveraged by VR&E to streamline entitlement, plan development and case management processes. The solution should also track all VR&E outreach activities against the contact record. The solution should also be capable of creating multiple records against one participant, should the need arise.

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