VA Solicitation: Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment

VA VHA Office of Community Care (VHA OCC) requires a web-based classroom system known as a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) e.g. Blackboard®, training solution to support employee development efforts, and to provide a dynamic means of knowledge transfer and interactivity for an ever-growing employee base, geographically located across the United States.  A VLE solution will provide a more cost effective and efficient way to train.  VLE solutions have helped VA educators to become more effective with the offering of various online training solutions.  This web-based training solution will keep everyone informed, involved, collaborating together, and meeting the high expectations of today’s learners.

In addition, VHA OCC currently has integration between Blackboard® Learn and the VA-wide Training Management System (TMS).  VHA OCC has training support from Blackboard® Consulting Services to as needed.  The Blackboard® components to be included in the solution include:

  • Data Integration and Customization Maintenance (ICM)
  • Auto-Sign-On Single Sign-on (SSO) Solution
  • Integration Framework Online Course

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