Recently NetImpact and SAIC hosted the first quarterly NIH Happy Hour is in support of Mental Health America and featured guest speakers discussing the mental and physical impacts of stress and to emphasize the importance of proper stress management for living a healthier life. The following is a wrap up to that event.

Thank you so much for joining us Thursday for our first NIH Networking Happy Hour. We had an amazing turnout from attendees who were all interested in sharing their stress management techniques and stories for Stress Awareness Month. We were even able to hear Mr. Paolo del Vecchio’s inspirational personal story of why mental health is important, lending a realistic voice and perspective to this very important topic.

Below are some personal stress management and coping techniques that our fellow attendees submitted yesterday and apply to their own lives:

  • Sleeping and napping
  • Performing meditation
  • Practicing yoga, swimming, and exercise
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Performing deep breathing techniques
  • Using white noise to clear the mind
  • Dogs, cats, and other pets
  • Reading books and watching movies, and other forms of entertainment
  • Massage therapy
  • Performing digital detox and disconnecting from online pressures like work and even social media

By sharing this list, we hope that these techniques can help you as they have for others. More importantly, we want to remind you that others are also undergoing their journeys and we hope you found support through the networking event and new friends.

We will be having Networking events on a quarterly basis with a diversity of themes, so please stay tuned for our upcoming events! We hope to see you at our next networking event!




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