DHA Sources Sought: Migration of the IHB Back-Office Business Management Platform (B-BMP) Business System

DHA is potentially looking for expert IT technical services to complete the migration of the IHB Back-Office Business Management Platform (B-BMP) business system and all associated data to the Defense Health Agency (DHA) Military Health System (MHS) Application Access Gateway (MAAG) hosting construct, update the B-BMP system, applications, components, and functions to conform to DHA MAAG hosting architecture and infrastructure standards and requirement, implement system controls and configuration changes to meet DHA RMF requirements, create Risk Management Framework (RMF) artifacts and fully documents the B-BMP business system components, capabilities, functions, operation and sustainment processes, and architecture.

Potential contractors would provide system and database administration, web front-end and back-end application, and system documentation services sufficient to fully complete the migration of the B-BMP business system to the DHAs MAAG hosting construct and meet all applicable DoD, MHS, and DHA cyber security and system documentation requirements for IT business systems. In addition, the services would accomplish a seamless migration of the B-BMP business system to the DHAs MAAG virtualization hosting construct with capabilities, features, and performance equal to or better than that of the current Pentagon Joint Service Provider (JSP) instance and complete all configuration changes and documentation required to garner a DHA Authority To Operate (ATO) and fully document the business systems architecture, functions, capabilities, and operating and support functions.

3.2 Requirements:

3.2.1 Specific task 5.1 B-BMP Migration and associated subtasks. Migration of the current instance of the B-BMP business system and data files from the Pentagon JSP virtual hosting construct to the DHAs MAAG development/test environment with no loss of data or system functionality.

3.2.2 Specific task 5.2 B-BMP Business System Risk Management (RMF) Support and associated subtasks. The completion of the DHA RMF process necessary to garner a DHA Authority to Operate (ATO) for the B-BMP business system.

3.2.3 Upon successful completion of the RMF process, provide the final version of all RMF artifacts and system documentation necessary to operate, sustain, and manage the B-BMP business system within the MAAG hosting environment.

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