DoD/VA announce creation of new Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization (FEHRM) Program Office

“The Department of Veterans Affairs announced in June 2017 that it was opting to follow the Department of Defense’s lead in transitioning to a new electronic health record system, with the goal of creating a truly interoperable system that could seamlessly transition service members into veterans.

But past interoperability initiatives have been fraught with poor cooperation, so the agencies created a Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization Program Office March 1, 2019, to act as the arbitrator in future EHR decisions…”

“According to Lauren Thompson, director of the DoD and VA’s Interagency Program Office, the FEHRM will act as the deciding authority on EHR plans.”

“FEHRM leaders will have the authority to direct each department to execute joint decisions for technical, programmatic and functional functions under its purview and will provide oversight regarding required funding and policy as necessary,” said Thompson at a June 12 hearing before the House Veterans Affairs committee.

“An interim FEHRM director and deputy director will be appointed to work with the implementation team in transitioning joint functions into the FEHRM once the FEHRM has an approved charter…” Read the full article here.

Source: Can a new office make health records compatible in time? – By Jessie Bur, June 12, 2019. Military Times.

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