Government Matters: Veterans Affairs OIG releases semi-annual report

“Inspectors General across the federal government are delivering their updates to Congress. The Department of Veterans Affairs Office of the Inspector General says that they’ve identified almost $4 billion in monetary impact in six months. Veterans Affairs Inspector General Michael Missal says that there are some common themes throughout this year’s report.”

“We’ve seen a number of themes in leadership and governance. That’s one of our priorities. We’re trying to help VA improve the programs and operations. The tone is set at the top of every program they have,” Missal told Government Matters. “We have found [in] some of the issues was that they didn’t have set roles and responsibilities. The leaders of the various programs didn’t hold themselves as accountable as they much as you would like them to do.”

“Missal says that in addressing recommendations, the department puts an emphasis on healthcare…” Watch the video here.

Source: Veterans Affairs OIG releases semi-annual report – June 9, 2019. Government Matters.



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