HHS OIG RFI: Medical Review of Medicare Parts A and B Claims Industry Day Announcement


Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General, Acquisitions Division, Washington, DC is seeking sources to provide Medical Review of Claims, and Consultative Services & Follow up Medical Review of Claims.

“The OIG is seeking information for potential sources to provide Medical Review of Claims, and Consultative Services & Follow up Medical Review of Claims

  • Contract Number: HHSP233101500023B
  • Contract Type: FFP
  • Incumbent and their size: Maximus Federal Services Inc. Large Business
  • Method of previous acquisition: Full and Open competition via GSA.
  • Brief description of the current program/effort:
  • OIG has current requirement to procure Medical Review of Claims, and Consultative Services & Follow up Medical Review of Claims
  • Anticipated Timeframe: September 2020 to September 2025 (Base Year and 4 Option Years)
  • Place of Performance: TBD


The core mission of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) is to improve HHS programs and operations and protect them against fraud, waste and abuse. By conducting independent and objective audits, evaluations, and investigations, provide timely, useful, and reliable information and advice to Department officials, the Administration, Congress, and the public.

HHS-OIG consists of 5 components – Office of Audit Services (OAS), Office of Evaluation and Inspections (OEI), Office of Counsel to the Inspector General (OCIG), Office of Management and Policy (OMP), and Office of Investigations (OI) as well as the Immediate Office (IO). Service Desk activities are managed within OMP through the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Operations Management Division (OMD).

Legacy modernization and cloud migration is managed through the OIT Digital Services Division (DSD)…”

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