VA RFI: Lighthouse VA Application Programming Interface (API) Platform (VAP)

VA requires Contractor support to design, develop, and maintain various aspects of the Lighthouse VA Application Programming Interface (API) Platform (VAP), including but not limited to platform design, API development and maintenance, developer documentation, and product management best practices to work with teams internal and external to VA, using modern software development methods and tools.

The primary objectives of this contract are to: (1) provide platform operational continuity and support for the existing API platform and API’s hosted on it and (2) continued evolution and expansion of API’s provided in development and production environments as well as the underlying infrastructure and deployment pipeline.  This includes all functional areas including marketing and business development, user-research, user experience design, software design and development, infrastructure, DevOps, and customer support.

In both objectives, this contract is not for creating a specific number of APIs, or APIs in a single domain, but rather for agile, cross-functional teams that can work alongside a VA product team to prioritize, build, operate, and iterate on APIs across many parts of VA. It will include creating new APIs, refactoring or re-platforming existing APIs, building on top of existing APIs, and/or working with other teams to improve their APIs and/or expose their data in a modern way.  The Contractor(s) shall provide VA with iterations of agile software development and DevOps CI/CD delivery. The agile delivery iterations will include product and delivery management, systems architecture, software development, user research, user experience strategy, information architecture, interaction and visual design, static and dynamic content management, content writing, DevOps, data analytics, and platform operation and management to

  1. Operate and maintain the VAP, including development, testing, and production environments in VAEC;
  2. Onboard and offboard API consumers both internal and external to VA;
  3. Onboard and offboard API providers exposing API’s on the VAP;

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