FCC moves forward with proposal for $100 million pilot program to promote telemedicine service

“The Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday unanimously voted to move forward with plans for a $100 million pilot program to promote telemedicine services.”

“The FCC voted to adopt a notice of proposed rulemaking for a program dubbed the Connected Care Pilot…”

“A year ago, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr unveiled plans for a program that would allocate up to $100 million to support telemedicine projects. The three-year program, dubbed the Connected Care Pilot, would support a limited number of projects, focusing on pilots that help providers “defray” the broadband costs of bringing telemedicine to low-income Americans and veterans…”

“With the vote, the FCC formally proposed the Connected Care Pilot and said it plans to seek public comment on what kinds of healthcare and broadband service providers should be eligible for the program, as well as what goals and metrics the program should set and how the agency should gather data during the program.” Read the full article here.

Source: FCC moves forward with $100 million Connected Care proposal – By Jessica Kim Cohen, July 10, 2019. Modern Healthcare.

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