Federal News Network: EHR modernization offers VA a cyber reset

“… But for some agencies dealing with legacy IT issues, modernization doesn’t just present cybersecurity challenges. If done right, it offers a chance to build a sturdier foundation for future systems.

Paul Cunningham, the Chief Information Security Officer at the Department of Veterans Affairs, said the agency’s multi-billion dollar move to Cerner’s Millennium electronic health record system will give his team an opportunity to wipe the slate clean on some of the longstanding cybersecurity challenges it’s had with legacy IT systems.

“As we move to Cerner, that’s the big issue. This is a good chance for us to get that fresh whiteboard — to sit down and do security right. A lot of times, we inherit old, legacy systems. We have to bolt the security on and modify the security over the years. Certainly, that’s been the way, over the last 20 years, with our medical records,” Cunningham said…” Read the full article here.

Source: FBI senior IT official: Bug bounties still useful, but ‘a little over-hyped’ – By Jory Heckman, July 18, 2019. Federal News Network.



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