FedTech: Storage Area Networks Keep Information Close at Hand for VA, EPA

“… Stephen Roberts, a Marine Corps veteran who retired in 2008, has seen this evolution firsthand. As director of enterprise storage for the Department of Veterans Affairs data centers, he finds himself ‘facilitating the iPhone generation.’”

“The VA holds petabytes of data on the nation’s 19.6 million living veterans, and runs more than 1,900 hospitals, clinics and benefits centers around the world, all of which need quick access to data…”

“As vets and their families do this, the data has to keep up. The VA offers such a wide range of services to such a large number of people that their computer systems are doing millions of input-­output cycles per second, per terabyte, and the information needs to be readily available to support that demand…”

“The VA first turned to a Cisco SAN solution about 15 years ago, during a modernization cycle. The SAN allowed the VA data centers to consolidate three data storage solutions — mainframe, tape and open-system storage — into a single fabric.” Read the full article here.

Source: Storage Area Networks Keep Information Close at Hand for VA, EPA – By Jacquelyn Bengfort, July 18, 2019. FedTech.



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