GovernmentCIO: VA Addresses Challenges, Opportunities in Health Records Transformation

“Representatives from the Department of Veterans Affairs see great opportunity in an upcoming transfer of the agency’s electronic health records from the homegrown Vista platform to a new database.”

“Having signed a $10 billion contract in 2018, the agency is expected to work in tandem with Cerner Corporation over the following decade to modernize its electronic health records system with the intent of facilitating data sharing across the VA and community health providers that serve America’s veterans…”

“… Dr. Jonathan Nebeker, acting VA chief medical informatics officer, emphasized that the ultimate success of the Vista transition will be determined through impact on patient outcomes rather than on more abstract technical parameters. Outlining a broad roadmap for EHR transformation, Nebeker aligned the Vista overhaul with the VA’s renewed emphasis on reforming veterans care ⁠— mentioning that a streamlined health records system could allow VA physicians to dedicate greater attention to their patients…”

“Another challenge that private sector representatives discussed was the complexities of transforming VA electronic health records over a yearlong timeframe, particularly in light of the innovation and changes across the IT landscape likely to occur throughout the contract period. Bo Dagnall, chief technologist and strategist for digital health at Perspecta, proposed that the Vista system may not be fully abandoned in the immediate time frame, as relying on the preexisting EHR system will be necessary for database stability as its component parts are overhauled.” Read the full article here.

Source: VA Addresses Challenges, Opportunities in Health Records Transformation – By Adam Patterson, July 10, 2019. GovernmentCIO.

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