“As Senior Advisor to the Chief Data Officer (CDO), you will provide advice, action, and issue management on projects and new initiatives, in order to ensure the OIG is wired to make data-driven decisions. You will oversee actions that will ultimately impact OIG’s success in advancing our mission as it relates to data analytics of HHS programs through the following outcomes: 

  • Promote the economy, efficiency, and integrity within HHS programs through analytics, creating and advancing special projects which involve state-of-the-art analytical and evaluation methods and techniques for assisting in improving complex business processes. 
  • New and strengthened cooperative relationships and collaboration with inter-agency working groups and with Executive Officers from other Federal agencies concerning operational and programmatic issues of common interest in technology advancement. 
  • Enhanced strategic planning across OIG to maximize the collective impact of our oversight and enforcement activities through risk assessment and identification of emerging issues.”

“Duties of this Senior Level position include but are not limited to: 

  • Supports the CDO in building a vision for the office and provides objective counsel and feedback on implementation of the vision. Advises on strategy and organizational design for a robust and integrated Office of the CDO that encompasses data operations, advanced analytics, and organizational performance management. 
  • Anticipates and incorporates changes in the landscape of advanced analytics in healthcare and human services and positions the team with a technology options pipeline of ideas. 
  • Maintains awareness and current knowledge across a wide variety of relevant technical and business application fields; supports the OIG’s leadership to achieve an integrated vision for advancing analytic capabilities by leveraging cross-cutting innovation from a variety of disciplines. 
  • Leads, plans, and oversees the advancement of outreach activities to ensure long term data and analytics strategy is informed by the latest and best efforts across the U.S. Government, industry, and foreign partners. 
  • Fosters balance and integration between CDO office functions to support key customer current and future data and analysis needs. Coordinates with and solicits requirements from OIG components (HQ and Regions) to determine what research questions, holistic models and analytical requirements need to be addressed. Provides recommendations for opportunities to increase the effectiveness and efficiency in managing data, analyzing the value of the data already available, and collaborating to share data. 
  • Serves as a catalyst to promote adoption of analysis capabilities, tools, software, and models; influences and motivates others to translate technical analysis into action.” 

Read the full job description here. 

G2X TAKE: Those who support the Department of Health and Human Services may want to influence who applies for this role that provides advice, action, and issue management on projects and new initiatives, in order to ensure the OIG is wired to make data-driven decisions. 

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