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As we enter the second half of 2019, included here is a look back at some of the most viewed interviews, articles and insights so far in 2019 for FedHealthIT.

Challenges and Opportunity – MHS GENESIS and the Military Healthcare System: An Interview with Colonel John Scott
This interview with Colonel John Scott, Data Manager at Defense Health Agency, talks about the challenges of interoperability, EHR adoption and the ultimate advantage of MHS GENESIS.

What Federal Health Organizations and Vendors Need to Know About Cyber Governance and Compliance
G2Xchange spoke with Colin Corlett, President and CEO at cybersecurity, and IT services provider Excentium about the key role of cyber, why a different view of cyber is needed to change course and the top down view companies and agencies need to succeed.

VA’s T4NG On-Ramp: What We Know and What You Need to Know
There are still a lot more questions than answers when it comes to the On-Ramp. It is hard to know exactly what the TAC’s plans are until more information is made public. However, based on talking to others in the field, there are some assumptions we can make.

Dawn Halfaker: The Way Forward in Transforming Healthcare IT
This interview with Halfaker President and CEO Dawn Halfaker looks at her firm’s success and what is at the heart of her mission.

VA CTO: More Than IT Modernization
This interview with Charles Worthington, Acting Chief Technology Officer with the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Information and Technology, discusses IT Modernization, some of VA’s successes, next steps, and the future.

New Year’s FHIR-Works: Explaining FHIR’s Appeal Across Generations
FHIR. We’ve all heard the buzzword but what promise does it really hold? In this article, Mike Farahbakhshian kicks off the new year in style by explaining FHIR’s appeal to multiple generations and their specific health needs. Suggested drink: Molotov Cocktail Goblet of Fire!

VA’s Dr. Paul Tibbits: EHRM requires Cloud, Infrastructure and Collaboration
FedHealthIT’s Executive Vice President, Susan Sharer, had the opportunity to connect with Dr. Paul Tibbits, Executive Director of the Office of Technical Integration within Veterans Affairs to discuss moving to the cloud, preparing infrastructure for EHRM and the rollout.

Best-in-Class, the New OMB Memo and Next Steps for Industry and Government
This interview with Tom Sharpe, Co-Founder of Onetegrity and former Commissioner of the General Services Administration’s Federal Acquisition Service, and Amy Fadida, President & CEO of A.M. Fadida Consulting, focuses on OMB Memorandum M-19-13, what it means for Government and advice for industry.

VA’s Solor – Bringing Seamless Care to Veterans and Beyond
An award-winning Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) initiative, Solor (the System of Logical Representation), is tackling this problem by redefining how health care information needs to be interpreted to truly achieve the promise of health care information technology (IT): to improve patient health outcomes and safety.

Coding Matters in Federal Healthcare
Accurate coding has become more important to Government organizations and more valuable to their budgets than ever before. Government agencies who deliver care are also submitting claims to commercial insurers, which reimburse them for the services rendered, similar to the way it works in the private sector. The largest of these include the VA and DoD health agencies. For these organizations, coding matters.

Delivering Quality Care for Veterans: A Conversation with a Former VA COO
Himanshu S. Singh, M.D. joined DSS, Inc. as the Director of Medical Informatics in April of 2018. He had worked in the VA for over 18 years, with his last 8 years in a senior leadership role. The following conversation took place in April and has been edited for length.

A look at Acquisition Challenges and the Changing Government Landscape with Fulcrum
G2X spoke with Kyle Campbell, Fulcrum’s Growth Executive for Federal Health, and a former CIO at William Beaumont Army Medical Center, about 21st Century technology, true integration, acquisition challenges and the changing Government landscape.

Opinion: What Federal Contractors can do to Prepare for a Return to Business
The start of 2019 was tumultuous, filled with uncertainty and changing expectations. In this article, Karthik Srinivasan, currently the Chief Operating Officer at IndraSoft and a 25-year industry veteran with experience supporting Defense, Homeland Security and Health IT markets, shares his insights on 2019, lessons learned from 2013 and moving forward.

The Positive Disruption of Telehealth on Healthcare within VA and Beyond
FedHealthIT’s Executive Vice President, Susan Sharer, had the opportunity to speak with Kartsen Russell-Wood, Group Global Marketing Leader Patient Care Analytics at Philips about the positive disruption of telehealth and understanding the Healthcare/commercial sector gap.

How CIO-SP3 SB, SPARC and 8(a) STARS II Prime Unissant Succeeds at Disruption
This interview with Unissant Chairman and CEO Manish Malhotra and President and Chief Growth Officer Ken Bonner focuses on how the company has succeeded as a small business, their secret to successful disruption in the marketplace and what they see ahead for 2019.



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