NIH issues sources sought to support All of Us Research Program

Updated July 29, 2019

Re: Solicitation Number: 75N98019R00008

Synopsis: Added: Jul 26, 2019

NOTICE: The Project Entitled: “All of Us Research Program” will be competed under the NIH “NITAAC CIO-SP3” (GWAC) contract.

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Posted February 20, 2019

The objective of this Statement of Work (SOW) is to acquire research, analysis, data science, and other professional and scientific and technical subject matter expertise services to support the Division of Technology and Platform Development, All of Us Research Program, National Institutes of Health.

The professional services will include, but are not limited to: strategy development, planning, analysis, engineering, design, development, documentation, implementation, and operation and maintenance support for projects in all stages of their life cycle.

The work requirements also include activities related to product, project, and program management, administration, technical research and analysis, system documentation, requirements gathering, end-user training, operational support for specific information system applications, and other related IT applications and analysis support activities.

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