PilieroMazza: SBA to Increase Small Business Size Standards with Inflationary Adjustment

“Tomorrow, SBA will issue an interim final rule increasing the receipts-based size standards for inflation. An unpublished version of the rule is available…The change should be effective August 17, 2019, 30 days after the scheduled publication of the rulemaking. Comments to the rule are due September 16, 2019…”

“SBA’s last inflationary adjustment was five years ago, in 2014. SBA estimates that this inflation adjustment will enable approximately 89,730 firms — competing under receipts-based size standards that are currently above SBA’s size standards — to gain small business status and become small again.  As SBA explains:

The size standards adopted in this interim final rule will enable businesses that have exceeded the size standards for their industries to regain small business status. It will also help currently small…” Read more here.

Source: SBA to Increase Size Standards with Inflationary Adjustment – July 17, 2019. PilieroMazza.



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