Telehealth: Project Atlas, a joint pilot program focused on making healthcare more accessible for veterans

“On July 18, I had the honor of ringing the closing bell at the NYSE alongside our co-collaborators Brett Reistad, National Commander of the American Legion and James Byrne, the Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department Veterans Affairs (VA). The moment marked a milestone for The American Legion (TAL): its 100th anniversary. It was a centennial moment highlighting its accomplishments to date and outlining its vision for a new century. This includes an innovative collaboration that we estimate could deliver convenient, personal healthcare to approximately three million veterans in the rural U.S.”

“Project Atlas is our joint pilot program that focuses on making healthcare more accessible and inclusive through Philips telehealth solutions for veterans living in remote or underserved areas. By creating virtual clinics that connect to VA caregivers in places that are familiar and closer to home, such as Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) sites like TAL and Veteran of Foreign Wars (VFW) posts, we hope to deliver the quality care and convenience our veterans deserve. In the process, we expect to establish best practices that can further accelerate the adoption of telehealth in both the public and private sectors…”

“The Philips Future Health Index (FHI) 2019, shows that the emerging telehealth opportunity is not yet a common part of healthcare professionals’ day-to-day work, despite its potential to reduce workload, curb burnout and enhance their work lives – not to mention the upside for patients. While 84% of healthcare professionals in the U.S. are already using EMRs, only 46% of U.S. healthcare professionals use telehealth solutions in their practice or hospital. Also, 58% of Americans had not seen a healthcare professional when they had a medical reason to do so. Why? Lack of time, difficulty in scheduling an appointment and availability of a specialist or care provider in their area.” Read the full article here.

Source: Telehealth – The New Outpost in Care – By Vitor Rocha, July 19, 2019. LinkedIn.

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