VA appoints Dr. Gil Alterovitz as inaugural artificial intelligence (AI) Director

“… VA is putting AI to work in reducing Veterans’ waiting times for appointments. Another application is in suicide prevention: Through the REACH VET program, VA uses AI to scan medical records and look for signs of Vets at high risk for suicide. And remember IBM Watson, of “Jeopardy!” fame? The robot has been helping VA doctors interpret cancer lab results and suggest the best drugs.

Now an effort is underway to widen the role of AI in VA care and research. To that end, the VA has appointed its first-ever director of artificial intelligence. Based in the Office of Research and Development, Dr. Gil Alterovitz has degrees from MIT and Carnegie Mellon in electrical, biomedical, and computer engineering. He is also a professor at Harvard Medical School and the Computational Health Informatics Program at Boston Children’s Hospital.  His overarching career interest is “bridging engineering and medicine,” he says.

Alterovitz is a sharp thinker, with clear ideas on how to roll out AI to help Vets. No fuzzy logic here.

“Given how health care is evolving, AI is really the only way to move forward in terms of reducing costs and providing better care,” says Alterovitz…” Read the full article here.

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