VA RFI: Clinical Decision Support

Through this IDIQ, the government seeks to obtain various Clinical Decision Support Artifacts (“CDS Artifacts”) to improve and enhance the care of Veterans.  CDS Artifacts are individual objects that represent unique items of clinical knowledge and/or best practices in the provision of clinical care that can be used, either individually or in conjunction with other items, to provide clinical staff with effective clinical decision support.

There are two major categories of tasks for this IDIQ, as shown in the sub-sections below.

Predefined CDS KNART Tasks

For predefined CDS KNART tasks described Contractor shall perform tasks that relate specifically to creating/updating/enhancing/extending KNARTs or any task that relates to a CDS KNART.

Functional Category (i.e., not defined) Tasks

For CDS tasks which have not been defined at the contract level, Contractor shall perform tasks not specifically related to CDS KNART creation and which provide CDS support to VHA, VA, and Federal Partners across a broad range of programs and projects. Examples of the tasks included in this IDIQ are: 1) identifying and researching problems and knowledge gaps, reviewing literature, and proposing solutions for a variety of areas related to Knowledge Acquisition, Integration, and Management for CDS, and 2) providing technical writing and presentation expertise.

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