VA RFI: Medical Product Data Normalization

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is seeking interested sources (contractors) for a near-future solicitation and procurement for Medical Product Data Normalization for the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

This action will provide for the resources to sustain data synchronization initiatives and common electronic catalog tools for business intelligence. The primary purpose of this requirement is to sustain the Product Data Bank (PDB) and its MedPDB application and Medical Master Catalog (MMC) data feeds for medical/surgical items by building the necessary standardized and synchronization data foundation monthly, which data is made available by the MedPDB and MMC applications to improve medical decision-making best practices. The PDB moves federal government partners in healthcare related missions, such as the Veterans Administration (VA), towards a single unique methodology of product identification to enhance sourcing and best practices while supporting both peacetime and contingency logistics, e.g. national disaster, war, or global emergencies. This action also enables government to operate within commercial healthcare initiatives to standardize product data that promotes both patient safety and supply chain efficiencies…

The Contractor shall provide the design, development, operation and management of PDB/MedPDB systems, system components and databases with records as provided by all data sources. This shall include but is not limited to: design and development activities, administration, data feed processing, data cleansing, data standardization, data synchronization in accordance with proven Data Synchronization Program algorithms and methodologies, data manipulation, and data reporting. The Contractor shall ensure proper security clearance in accordance with full familiarity with operation processes and procedures, and full compliance with site specific regulations, processes and procedures when operating Government owned or leased equipment. System components, subcomponents and data sources include, but are not limited to, the PDB as the basis of a federal catalog, and eZ SAVe and MedPDB functionalities.

  • The PDB processes over 100 data files with an average of 50M records per month. Source files include:
    • DoD Prime Vendor (PV) files
    • Distribution and Pricing Agreements (DAPA) Management System (DMS) Pricing
    • DoD Electronic Catalog (ECAT) Pricing Agreements

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