FDA: Speech by FDA Principal Deputy Commissioner and the Acting CIO Dr. Amy Abernethy at the Third Interoperability Forum

“… Needless to say, the exchange and use of information looms large over my work at the FDA in my roles both as the Principal Deputy Commissioner and the Acting CIO…”

“The summary goal was to pressure test the components needed to build a patient-centered learning healthcare system (take note of this, because it will come back up in our story later).”

“But we hit not one, but two, ceilings.”

“The first was related to our inability to aggregate data across institutional boundaries; it was a problem of interoperability. I could transition data in and out of the Duke data warehouse, develop solutions to structure it and clean it up, but one institution is only one institution.”

“The second was a ceiling on our ability to recruit and retain key talent such as software engineering and product managers…” Read the full post here.

Source: Speech by Dr. Amy Abernethy at the National Coordinator for Health IT Third Interoperability Forum – August 22, 2019, FDA.




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