GAO: Medicaid Payment: CMS Has Not Overseen States’ Implementation of Changes to Third-Party Liability

Why GAO Did This Study

“The Medicaid program is typically the payer of last resort. The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 changed the Medicaid third-party liability payment requirements for prenatal care services, pediatric preventive services, and services provided to CSE beneficiaries. Before the act, in the case of these three services, states were generally required to pay providers for services delivered to Medicaid beneficiaries and then obtain any payments from liable third parties.”

“The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 also included a provision for GAO to study the potential effects of these changes. In this report, GAO (1) describes the status of selected states’ implementation of Medicaid third-party liability changes; (2) evaluates CMS‘s implementation and oversight of the Medicaid third-party liability changes; and (3) describes stakeholders’ views of the possible effects of these changes on providers and beneficiaries.”

What GAO Found

“Medicaid officials in the nine selected states GAO reviewed described being in various stages of implementing third-party liability changes as required by law. These changes affect whether health care providers must seek payment from a liable third party, such as private insurance, before the state Medicaid agency pays for services. The changes apply to prenatal care services, pediatric preventive services, and services for children subject to child support enforcement (CSE beneficiaries). At the time of GAO’s review,

  • Officials from four of the nine selected states reported having fully implemented the changes for prenatal care services, which were required to be implemented starting in February 2018. Officials from the remaining five states were discussing the changes internally, researching how to implement the changes in their Medicaid payment systems, or waiting for additional guidance from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the federal agency responsible for overseeing states’ Medicaid programs.”
  • None of the nine states had implemented the changes to pediatric preventive services and services for CSE beneficiaries, which must be implemented starting in October 2019. Officials from six states told GAO that they were in the early stages of exploring how they would make the changes, while the remaining three states had not developed such plans.”

What GAO Recommends

“GAO is recommending that CMS (1) ensure that its guidance to states on third-party liability requirements reflects current law, and (2) determine the extent to which state Medicaid programs are meeting federal third-party liability requirements. The Department of Health and Human Services concurred with these recommendations.” Read the full 36-page report here.

Source: Medicaid Payment: CMS Has Not Overseen States’ Implementation of Changes to Third-Party Liability – August 9, 2019. GAO.

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