GovernmentCIO: FITARA, FedRAMP Among Congressional IT Modernization Priorities

“As federal agencies work to consolidate their IT offices, modernize legacy systems and secure essential data, they can rest assured that there are leaders in Congress working to ensure they have the guidance and funding to encourage those efforts.”

“In discussing Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA), the act designed to put CIOs directly in charge of acquisition and IT management, and to quantify and consolidate data centers and other IT consolidation efforts to reduce costs and increase efficiency, Representative Gerry Connolly was careful to distinguish between “consolidation” and “optimization.” He explained that current laws are aimed toward consolidating data centers, but some agencies have pursued optimization instead, seeking innovation outside of direct data center consolidation.”

“The goal was consolidation and remains consolidation,” Connolly said at the MeriTalk Cyber Strong Brainstorm. Connolly is…” Read the full article here.

Source: FITARA, FedRAMP Among Congressional IT Modernization Priorities – By James Mersol, August 13, 2019. GovernmentCIO.

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