GovernmentCIO: MHS Genesis Making Waves Beyond Initial Operating Capability

“The military’s new electronic health record program, MHS Genesis, has moved beyond rollout at initial operating capability sites and will begin rollout in the “Travis Wave” (named for Travis Air Force Base, one of the first bases in the wave) Sept. 7.”

“The IOC teams worked with both Defense Department and Department of Veterans Affairs clinicians to find “evidence-based best practices” on electronic health records, said Bill Tinston, the program executive officer for MHS Genesis at the Defense Health Agency, at the 2019 Defense Health IT Symposium.”

“MHS Genesis is a joint program between DHA and VA intended to create one centralized patient record for the lifespan of soldiers and their families. Tinston said both agencies are working on a daily basis to develop the long-term configuration of the system, not just the ‘day-to-day implementation…'”

“Following the Travis Wave for MHS Genesis is the Nellis Wave, which will include Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, as well as several other bases in California and will begin in summer of 2020. Approximately three months later, the Pendleton Wave (to include Camp Pendleton) will begin, building upon the lessons of the Travis and Nellis waves.” Read the full article here.

Source: MHS Genesis Making Waves Beyond Initial Operating Capability – By James Mersol, July 31, 2019. GovernmentCIO.



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