Health Affairs: CMS To Roll Out Nationwide Marketplace Quality Ratings

“On August 15, 2019, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that the marketplaces in all states will, for the first time, display quality rating data for most qualified health plans (QHPs). CMS made the announcement in a new bulletin accompanied by a press release, an overview of 2019 quality results, and a fact sheet.”

“The quality ratings—which reflect clinical quality data and enrollee satisfaction data—use a five-star system and will be displayed for most marketplace plans beginning on November 1, 2019 (for the 2020 open enrollment period). To date, quality rating information was only available through the federal marketplace in five states and through state-based marketplaces (SBMs) in 12 states and DC.”

“The goal of the quality rating information is to increase transparency and help consumers make informed decisions about the plan they select. The ratings could also aid compliance oversight and help QHP insurers improve the quality of their products. The data displayed for 2020 will be based on the quality rating information from the 2019 plan year.” Read the full article here.

Source: CMS To Roll Out Nationwide Marketplace Quality Ratings – By Katie Keith, August 19, 2019. Health Affairs.




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