Press Release: AbleVets Expands Footprint to Better Serve Federal Clients

“AbleVets LLC, a leading provider of advanced health IT solutions for government, today announced it has expanded its physical footprint in the Washington, D.C. Metro region with the opening of a second Virginia office. The expansion to 1812 N. Moore Street in Arlington, Virginia recognizes the company’s growing presence of federal clients and partners in the area and promotes the client-first mindset that AbleVets brings to every engagement…”

“Smith continued, ‘Our new office also brings new job opportunities to the Arlington area. We’re looking to fill key positions, such as technical project managers, technical writers and management consultants, with talented individuals who share our desire to tackle the toughest issues in federal healthcare IT…’” Read the full press release here.

Source: AbleVets Expands Footprint to Better Serve Federal Clients – July 31, 2019. AbleVets.



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