HHS CTO discusses new blockchain possibilities at the Agency

“The Department of Health and Human Services will test its new blockchain-based procurement site. The Accelerate portal is the first blockchain project in government with an Authority to Operate, and there are more projects on the way. Oki Mek, chief technology officer at the HHS Acquisition Division, says that the blockchain programs at HHS are led by security efforts.”

“’The common thread among all these initiatives is cybersecurity… By putting logs, system logs, into the blockchain to create an ecosystem where logs are secured and are available when there’s an issue. When there’s a need to do root cause analysis,’ Mek said. ‘That’s the initiative that I am leading right now, and I think it will revolutionize cybersecurity.’”

“Todd Simpson, chief product officer at HHS, told Government Matters that with the department’s data needs, implementing blockchain is a no-brainer.” Watch the video here.

Source: New blockchain possibilities at the Department of Health and Human Services – September 9, 2019. Government Matters.



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