In advance of recompete, DHA to extend IM Division Administration and Program Operations Support contract

Re: Solicitation Number: RFQ-HT001119F0075

Re: Contract Number: GS-10F-079BA

The action approved is intent to seek only one source for award of a firm-fixed priced bridge contract to QualX Corporation to support the existing level of effort under contract GS-10F-079BA, Task Order HT0011-14-F-0012 (awarded by Contracting Operations Division – Falls Church (COD-FC)) for Information Management (IM) Division’s Office Administration and Program Operations Support with no new work or change of scope.

This Task Order expires on 15 September 2019. The action being approved is for a 6-month base  period and additional extensions of up to 6 months under the clause at FAR 52.217-8, Option to Extend Services.

The incumbent, QualX Corporation, has the consulting, analytical, technical, coordination, presentation, and general management analyst experience required for successful performance and the necessary skillsets to complete this effort without a loss of efficiency and impact to the DHA for performance of the tasks and activities required to complete the IM Division’s mission.

The agency is continuing to develop the requirements necessary for a new solicitation. The agency intends on soliciting proposals for a follow-on contract.

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Note: For security purposes, the release of DoD awards can be delayed as much as 90 days after the action.



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