Indian Health Service RFP: Enterprise Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) System Implementation

Updated September 9, 2019

The RFP has now been released.

Re: Solicitation Number: 75H701-19-R-00075

The objective is to provide a CMMS platform capable of providing service desk, incident, problem, change, knowledge, configuration management, and other CMMS processes; delivered through an “off-premises” model (e.g., Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud-based offering, etc.).

The solution will be a ‘turn-key’, fully implemented CMMS designed for healthcare facilities, including biomedical equipment, capable of providing necessary service documentation, and reports.

The solution will consist of required SaaS licenses, data collection and/or data migration, and SaaS vendor support. The solution provided shall also be aligned with CMMS healthcare industry best practices and provide the flexibility necessary to enable improvements in facility and biomedical operational and service management processes, and be capable of addressing current service management initiatives, and provide a model that supports a healthcare organization by:

  • Licensing on a ‘concurrent’ user basis. Other licensing schema (role-based, platform based, named-user, requestor, mobile, etc.) must be explicitly described and all tiers/types of licensing/pricing submitted for review/evaluation.
  • Improving facility and biomedical service delivery consistency, quality and responsiveness…

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