LVB: A Conversation With: Michael Hawkins of Netizen Corp.

“Michael Hawkins is the founder and CEO of Netizen Corp., America’s fastest-growing cyber security company and the 2nd fastest-growing company in all of Pennsylvania according to the 2019 Inc. 5000 list. After serving in the U.S. Army and leaving as a staff sergeant, he went on to earn a degree with honors in computer science and spent almost a decade working in the government and defense sectors doing highly technical and security-related work, including a stint as a very senior-level program manager at the Department of Veterans Affairs working on nationwide initiatives under former Secretary Eric Shinseki…”

“LVB: Why is cyber security so important in today’s world for both business and government?

Hawkins: Cyber security has been important since the dawn of the information/computing age, but it is more so today because of the level of connectivity, number and types of devices, and the sheer volume of data being stored and transmitted around the globe. Nowadays everyone is a target, and governments and businesses especially are coming under attack every second of every day from nation-state adversaries, such as China and North Korea, in addition to the so-called…” Read the full article here.

Source: A Conversation With: Michael Hawkins of Netizen Corp. – By: Stacy Wescoe, September 13, 2019. LVB.



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