NIH RFP: Laboratory Information System Hardware, Software and Maintenance at the NIH Clinical Center

RE: Solicitation Number: RFP-19-001739

The Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center, a 200-bed, federally funded, biomedical-research hospital, is located on the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland. The Clinical Center is the delivery setting for all NIH intramural clinical research protocols.

The National Institutes of Health Clinical Center’s requirement is for an Offeror to provide the following:

2.1.2 Ongoing maintenance and support services

The vendor shall provide maintenance and support for the following software modules in use or currently under implementation at the Clinical Center as well as any modules purchased and installed through the life of this contract.


SoftPathDx provides reliable data capture as well as a highly customizable and client configurable reporting and workflow structure for both anatomic pathology and cytology. A diverse imaging and reporting system allows a personalized setup. SoftPathDx also enables users to share specimens between other labs such as biochemistry, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, and molecular. This allows for integrated resulting and the ability to track specimens throughout multiple labs. SoftPathDx also enables users to optimize workflow by focusing on site-specific protocols and rules to assist the technologists and pathologists in decreasing turnaround times and managing patient data.


SoftBank is a Blood bank and transfusion service management system combines current high-performance functionality with exciting new features to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective pre-transfusion testing and inventory management solution.


SoftLab computerizes and manages all data processing and laboratory activities, from order entry and result reporting to interfacing with laboratory instruments. The fully integrated SoftLab system provides a seamless interface that links all clinical laboratory departments throughout the enterprise…

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