NIH Sources Sought: Science, Translation, Analysis and Research Support

Re: Solicitation Number: NIEHSPB91019

The Division of Extramural Research and Training (DERT) at NIEHS is responsible for providing leadership for the NIEHS mission through the development of research priorities and allocation of resources.

With the overarching goal of expanding the impact of the DERT scientific portfolio, this contract is necessary to provide service and support to DERT staff by providing technical and logistical support to those who manage the science and grant portfolios, and by participating in the development of methods and tools that enable this work. Methods and tools may include implementing approaches that maintain and enhance collaborations and consortia, augmenting current methods of tracking of research accomplishments, analyzing of grants management processes, and increasing communication internal to DERT and between DERT staff and grantees.

The contract will also contribute to ongoing efforts in analysis, evaluation, and assessment of DERT research programs and portfolio areas. Activities will include, but are not limited to, conducting portfolio assessments; completing literature reviews; compiling grantee research findings for analysis and synthesis; maintaining appropriate databases of grant-related information; contributing to the development of methods for enhancing the dissemination and communication of research advances in the format most appropriate for the intended audience; facilitating collaborations and sharing of scientific progress through meetings, workshops, conferences and symposiums; and producing documents, reports, and other materials as directed for each scientific program.

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