VA among those looking to Application Programming Interfaces as Gateways to Modernization

“Government insiders regard application programming interfaces, or APIs, as “future enablers” that can accelerate technological advancement and empower both the public and private sectors to create innovative federal solutions, executives said at the Dell Real Transformation summit in Washington Thursday.”

“APIs—that, I believe, will be the gateway to modernization efforts,” Veterans Affairs Department’s Chief Modernization Officer, Surafeal Asgedom, said. “When I think of APIs, I think of almost a wall socket. This is going to allow applications and programs to access our vast enterprise data.”

“As a set of protocols that enables applications to communicate and interoperably share information or functionality, the VA recognizes APIs as critical tools that can boost their partnerships with industry and be leveraged to help the agency meet its mission to serve those who have served America…” Read the full article here.

Source: Feds Look to Application Programming Interfaces as Gateways to Modernization – By Brandi Vincent, September 12, 2019. Nextgov.



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