VA to award contract for Consultive Services to Build Interface Between Health Information Gateway and Exchange (HINGE) Database and VistA/CPRS Databases

Re: Solicitation Number: 36C24519Q0584

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) National Radiation Oncology Program (NROP) is looking to establish a Contract with a Contractor to build an interface between the Health Information Gateway and Exchange (HINGE) database and VistA/CPRS. The HINGE database project is designated to consolidate radiation treatment data from multiple sources for radiation oncology quality surveillance. The interface requires software for a bi-directional interface that will communicate in the JSON format with the HINGE database.

Future integration with other EHRs such as Cerner should be taken into account in the architecture of this software. The bi-directional interface will enable the HINGE database to be seamlessly integrated in the clinical workflow where physician would not have to double key stroke the same information in multiple systems. This procurement is for VA enterprise-wide to deploy the interfaces for forty Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Medical Centers that have radiation inhouse oncology service.

The anticipated source is VISTA Expertise Network, 819 N. 49th Street, Suite 203, Seattle, WA. 98103-6575.

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