VA to extend contract for VERTX – API Platform and Development

Re: Solicitation Number: 36C10B18Q3124

Re: Contract Number: 36C10B18C2763 P00001

VA to award contract to VERTX Enterprise Solutions.

The proposed action is a modification to existing contract, 36C10B18C2763, to extend the period of performance by a total of 90 days consisting of a 60-day extension at no additional cost to the Government and one, 30-day optional task for transition services to the existing 12-month period of performance.

The contractor shall provide agile development and operations of APIs for VA API Gateway, including but not limited to platform design, API development and maintenance, developer documentation, and product management best practices to work with teams internal and external to VA, using modern software development methods and tools. This will provide increased, improved, and timely access to benefits and healthcare to Veterans via Decision Support Tool, VA online scheduling (VAOS), and other VA applications (i.e. Benefits Intake API, Claims API, Health API). As a result, Veterans have access and control over their data that has a meaningful impact on their lives and the lives of their families…

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