VA Warriors To Workforce (W2W) Champion and longtime VAMC Deputy CIO to retire

G2X TAKE: David Sella, a Veterans Affairs leader who created and then directed the operations of the VA’s W2W Program, a Veteran transition and workforce development program designed to hire, transition, train, and deploy Veterans and transition them to become trusted business advisors in the role of Contract Specialists for the VA and other Federal agencies, and who previously served as Deputy CIO for a VA Medical Center, has announced he is retiring.

Sella announced his retirement recently saying:

“I retired from the military in 2007 with over 5 years of active duty and 20 years of reserve duty. I am now retiring from the federal government with 32 years of service which includes 25 years at the Dept of Veterans Affairs. As I prepare to move on, I reflect on the many fond memories of wonderful people doing great work in service to our nation and our Veterans. In almost 40 years of my career, nothing has been more meaningful to me than the last 9 years, working with our nation’s heroes to guide them in their transition to professional civilian careers…

I do not yet know what God has planned for this next chapter, but I move forward in eager anticipation of seeing it unfold!” See the post here.

Prior roles include:

  • Director, Warriors To Workforce (W2W) Program – Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Deputy CIO – VA Medical Center
  • IT Manager – Litholink/Laboratory Corporation of America


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